How to take a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy s5 ?

This is a question every time we get a new smartphone, indeed to achieve our tutorials to us about our picture and take a picture of the screen smartphone with a camera is not very conclusive so we must find direct manipulation on the new smartphone. It turns out that Samsung Android and give us all their solutions.


Android solution to a screenshot:

On all smartphones running Android, there is a simple and effective way to do a screen capture solution, simply:

  • Press for 1 second the “Home” and “Power” on your Samsung Galaxy S5 buttons simultaneously is easy without swiping.
  • You will find all your screenshots in the folder on your SGS5 Image: Visit: Applications and My Files, click Pictures.

screenshot_home_galaxy_s5screenshot_galerie_s5        screenshot_galerie2_s5

Samsung Solution To take a screenshot on the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S5 Active or any other Galaxy S5:

Samsung with its overlay TouchWizz gives us the opportunity to make a screenshot with just a wave of your hand to do so you must enable the “Movement and gestures” option

  • Appointment in the menu settings of your Samsung Galaxy S5
  • In the Motion section click on Movement and gesture
  • Finally click screenshot and activate by clicking the button at the top right side of screen Capture
  • Another method is the activate palm swipe to capture and you can take print screen by swiping the edge of your hand across it from side to side keeping in contact with the screen.

gs5-screenshot-swipe                                         screen-shoot-s5

Note : This methods is also works in galaxy S5 Active .

Now you know a little more of our secrets to our tutorials if you have another question, or you have a problem, leave a comment later in this article.